The Rugby Diet: Student Edition

Joining your University rugby team could be the biggest decision you make as an aspiring rugby star. Firstly, developing as a rugby player at University can be extremely difficult. The flat parties, nights out, late night pizzas and dominoes 2 for 1 offers bombarding your letter box, it’s a tough task. Sacrifices must be made […]

Rugby Physiques: The Top 10

Rugby players have near enough doubled in size over the last 30 years. The demand for bigger, faster and stronger players is evident in squad and academy choices. Rugby players as young as 15-16 are pushed into the gym to add size. Is this a problem? That’s a totally different article. Nevertheless, rugby players have impressive […]

Are You Effectively Using Your Gym Time?

Your time is valuable, whether you are studying at school or university, working a stressful job, or raising a family, you should ensure the time you put aside to hit the gym is used as effectively as possible. An effective workout is not dictated by how much you sweat or feeling like you are going […]

RugbyWarfare Talks To London Irish Scrum Half Darren Allinson

When and how did you get started with rugby? I started playing rugby at the age of five. As a child, I always looked up to my older brother; he was a big fan of rugby and everywhere we went, a rugby ball wasn’t too far away. What keeps you motivated? My love for the […] Talks To Ulster Prop Ricky Lutton

When and how did you get started with rugby? I started when I was 6 at my local club, Antrim RFC playing mini rugby there. My dad played there towards the end of his career and he brought me down and I was hooked from day 1 and have never looked back. What keeps you […]

Why Rugby Is Going In The Wrong Direction: Bigger Is Not Better

A recent study posted in the Journal Of Strength and Conditioning Research aimed to find if there is a correlation between size and on field performance. It’s obvious that over the years rugby players have become bigger and bigger. Many top clubs now focus intensely on getting their players bigger and heavier to aid them […]


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