A Study Of Free Weights Vs Machines

One of the controversies when prescribing resistance training programs is whether the use of free weights or machines is better for building muscle mass and strength. A major difference between Training with machines and Training with free weights: Training with machines – provides a very stable environment Training with free weights – requires more stabilisation […]

A Study On Injuries On Retired Rugby Players

Rugby union and rugby league are popular team contact sports, but they bring a high risk of injury. Although previous studies have reported injury occurrence across one or several seasons, none have explored the total number of injuries sustained across an entire career.  One study providing a 5-year follow-up on injuries occurring during the 1993–1994 […]

A Study Of Cold-Water Immersion On Rugby Players

Rugby union is a high contact, team sport involving periods of intermittent submaximal activity interspersed with short high-intensity bouts. In addition, during competitive matches players are repeatedly exposed to forceful collisions associated with tackling. The combination of high-intensity activity and repeated blunt force trauma have been linked to substantial muscle damage. The impact of muscle […]

A Study Of High Protein Diet On Kidney Function

There is a lack of studies that have examined the effects of high protein diets on markers of health, body composition or performance. The International Society of Sports Nutrition’s Position Stand on Protein states that “protein intakes of 1.4–2.0 g/kg/day for physically active individuals are safe, and it may improve the training adaptations to exercise […]

Do Low-Fat Diets Reduce Testosterone Levels?

Adequate testosterone levels are important for overall health. Low levels in men have been associated with the signs and symptoms below: As well as a higher risk of developing some chronic diseases, like cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Some studies even suggest higher all-cause mortality (death) risk in men with lower testosterone levels. PMID: […]

How To Have Quality Sleep For Rugby Players

Sleep quality and recovery A 2015 study found a decrease in sleep quality post-match, which can have physiological and psychological implications for the post-match recovery process. Thus, players need to have adequate sleep quality after training and match days to appropriate physical recovery. Reference: Woodhouse A14 Sleep quality and wellbeing in professional rugby players.British Journal of […]

Can Creatine Increase Testosterone Levels?

In this short article, we will be showing the backed research and studies on creatine usage. How does creatine help and why do athletes use it? Your body makes creatine even if you’re not taking a supplement. It is also found in some animal-based protein sources, such as red meat and fish. You have creatine […]

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