Eating Habits And Mental Health Of Rugby Players During The Pandemic

Social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic impacts the mental health and diet of populations. Studies have shown links between the COVID-19 pandemic and observed negative changes in food intake in populations. According to various studies, the global impact of COVID-19 on mental health is an obvious fact. PMID: 33316900 Rates of symptoms of anxiety, depression, […]

How Does The Menstrual Cycle Affect Elite Female Rugby Players

The menstrual cycle and its related physical and psychological symptomology can negatively impact daily life and activities, including absences from school or work. In the field of sports, a 2018 study reported that 77% of elite athletes (332/430 subjects) not using hormonal contraception (HC) had negative side effects during their menstrual cycle; including pain (abdominal/back), […]

A Study On The Effects Of Sleep Restriction On Muscle Building

Sleep plays a key role in many physiological and cognitive functions, and it is recommended that adults obtain between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night. Sleep has also been causatively implicated in the maintenance of muscle mass with an increased likelihood of both sarcopenia and lower total skeletal muscle mass in those reporting […]

A Study Of Sleep In Athletes

Many people believe that sleeping is unproductive and that they can get by with less. However, recent studies have shown that sleep is incredibly important for athletes and can greatly affect their performance. In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of sleep and athletics. We’ll explore the benefits that athletes […]

High Fat Vs High Carbs

An optimally balanced diet is one of the most critical factors that positively influence athletic performance. Experts show how athletes’ diets should be balanced in terms of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and micronutrients.  However, there is an ongoing debate about the most optimal proportions of macronutrients in a diet leading to the reduction of excessive body […]

A Study On Different Approaches To Concussion Rehabilitation

A Canadian researcher from the University of Calgary set out to describe the treatment techniques and interventions following concussion. The majority of individuals recover in 24-48 hours period following a concussion; However, in 20–30% of cases, symptoms persist beyond 4 weeks following injury. TYPICAL TREATMENT AND RECOVERY PATH  Typical treatment following a concussion is a […]

Training Volume & Soft Tissue Injuries In Rugby

Rugby union is considered to have one of the highest injury incidences of any sport. The overall injury incidence for matches in professional rugby union players is reported as 81/1000 player hours. In adolescent players, match injury incidence is 12–22/1000 hours, whereas elite junior academy and schoolboy rugby players report match injury incidence as 47 […]

A Study Of Free Weights Vs Machines

One of the controversies when prescribing resistance training programs is whether the use of free weights or machines is better for building muscle mass and strength. A major difference between Training with machines and Training with free weights: Training with machines – provides a very stable environment Training with free weights – requires more stabilisation […]

A Study On Injuries On Retired Rugby Players

Rugby union and rugby league are popular team contact sports, but they bring a high risk of injury. Although previous studies have reported injury occurrence across one or several seasons, none have explored the total number of injuries sustained across an entire career.  One study providing a 5-year follow-up on injuries occurring during the 1993–1994 […]

A Study Of Cold-Water Immersion On Rugby Players

Rugby union is a high contact, team sport involving periods of intermittent submaximal activity interspersed with short high-intensity bouts. In addition, during competitive matches players are repeatedly exposed to forceful collisions associated with tackling. The combination of high-intensity activity and repeated blunt force trauma have been linked to substantial muscle damage. The impact of muscle […]

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