Eben Etzebeth’s Arms Size

Eben Etzebeth’s Monster Arms

Many of us have been guilty of overdoing our biceps in the gym and
taking flak from our friends for it. However, no matter what we do, we
can’t get close to the monster Eben Etzebeth and his jaw-dropping

So who is Eben Etzebeth?

Eben plays  number 4 lock for the South African national side and the
Stormers in the Super Rugby League.

Eben is South Africa’s heaviest player weighing over 19 stone and
standing at 6ft 8ins. In his 33 games for the national side, he’s
played 33 games, winning 23 and losing only 8 – boasting an impressive
69.7% win percentage.

The boy can play too! In 2013 he was nominated for the IRB Player of
the Year impressing with his strength and composure for a young

How does he stack up?

Etzebeth doesn’t only impress on the pitch, and in photos! In the gym
he benches over 175kg and can incline press two 75kg dumbbells. Speed
is also another asset he possesses with a top speed of 17.4 miles per
hour and he’s only 0.65 seconds slower than Usain Bolt over 40

The biceps – how big are they really? Eben’s biceps have a
circumference of 19 inches. To put this into context a rugby ball has
a circumference of 24 inches…we’ll give you a minute to digest
that. Kai Greene, Mr Olympia runner-up and absolute beast has 22-inch
biceps, as did the God of all things lifting Arnold Schwarzenegger (in
his prime). This guy is a few more curls away from the hall of bicep

Bicep workout

Although we’re unable to find the Springbok’s secret recipe we’ve
written out a Bicep Blaster workout just for you! See below and let us
know what you think.

1)    Concentration Curls – 8 x 4 – 1-minute rest

Warm up on a lighter weight, then stack on the iron, make sure your
grip is solid and you’re fully extending. No half reps!

2)    Incline Curls – 10 x 4 – 1-minute rest

Drop a bench to 45 degrees and get curling. This burner will help tear
fibers and build biceps Eben would be proud of.

3)    Hammer Curls – 10 x 4 – 1-minute rest

Use a halfback bench to ensure correct form on this movement. Avoid
swinging your arms – no cheat reps! Ensure controlled movement with a
killer squeeze at the top

4)    Standing Barbell Curl – 6 x 4 – 1-minute rest

The granddaddy of all bicep exercises. Heavy barbell curls. Throw on the weight, maintain your form and get curling. Notice you’ll feel the burn in your forearms too. This is a complete bicep and forearm builder. No doubt Eben adds this exercise to his workouts.

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