Who Hits Harder: A Scientific Take On the Old Rugby vs. American Football Debate

Rugby and American football are among the most physical team sports. We’re taking a look at the numbers to figure out which is the more demanding of the two. As most athletes know, playing a team sport means you’re pretty competitive. And when we say competitive, we mean it in every sense of the word. […]

10 Rugby Players That Didn’t Become Pros Until Their 20s

In a day and age where most professional athletes start practising before they can walk, these rugby professionals prove that it’s never too late to go pro. Given the fact that most professional athletes in most disciplines have been practising for their entire lives, becoming a professional anything past 20 seems very far-fetched. Countries that […]

Dismantling Stereotypes: 10 Inspiring Gay Rugby Players and Personalities

In light of recent controversy regarding homophobic slurs by Israel Folau, we thought we would shine a light on 10 influential gay rugby personalities. There are many great professional rugby players and personalities. These players have become a beacon of light because they overcame stereotypes and other challenges faced by homosexual athletes way too often. […]

Rugby’s Growth In The USA: 10 Things You Should Know

Everyone that plays or simply just appreciates rugby knows it’s a beautiful sport. And one of the most rewarding experiences this game has to offer is witnessing someone fall in love with it for the very first time. More of us may be lucky enough to witness this phenomenon on a massive scale as the […]

5 Ways Science Shows Us That Rugby Is Brutal

Everyone who has ever played or even simply watched a game of Rugby probably understands why it’s one of the most gruelling sports in the world. Besides a gum shield, rugby is played without any real protective gear. And, with as many as 30 bodies on the pitch at all times, you begin to see […]

Cauliflower Ears: Rugby’s Iconic Condition

We’ve all been asked by our non-rugby watching/playing friends as to what exactly a cauliflower ear is, and how do you get one. We never knew the actual answer so decided to dive deeper into this issue. What is that thing!? So a cauliflower ear is an irreversible condition that develops when the external part […]

How To Increase Your Sprint Speed

Improving your sprint speed is vital for on-field performance. It doesn’t matter if you’re a forward or a back, the faster you can move the better. Follow our steps below to improve yours. Squats We have recently spoken about the benefit of squats in our rugby training & fitness guide. Without a doubt, squatting will […]

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