Former British & Irish Lion & Welsh International James Hook Talks With Rugby Warfare

When and how did you get started in Rugby? My brother who is 2 years older than me played for our local team Aberavon Quins so I started playing with him when I was 6 years old. Then it all went from there! What keeps you motivated and how did you stay motivated when things […]

Gloucester Hooker Darren Dawidiuk Talks With Rugby Warfare

Name: Darren Dawidiuk Age: 29 Position: Hooker Club: Gloucester When and how did you get started with rugby? I started rugby at the age of 11. I went to watch my older brother Dan play, and just wanted to copy him like most younger brothers do. That week my brother took me down the park […]

How to Improve Acceleration Using These 4 Drills

How To Improve Acceleration and Sprint Speed Having the ability to accelerate very fast and skim your opposite number for a line break is a fantastic feeling. Just knowing that you have the pace to make the difference in a game is a powerful tool and asset that can make the difference between winning and […]

Wales Under 20s Star Billy McBryde Interview

[su_note note_color=”#0872ba” text_color=”#fff” radius=”0″]First of all, congratulations on winning the Grand Slam! What was the dressing room like after the game?[/su_note] Thank you, it was an incredible feeling. I don’t think it’s really sunk in what we’ve achieved and how significant the tournament has been. We’ve come a long way as a team and the […]


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