Rugby Stash: Nation Inspired Range

New Rugby Stash is here!

Our new nations inspired range is exactly that. We looked at 7 rugby nations and took inspiration from their heritage, flag, colours and previous team kits.

The aim with these outfits is to bring true rugby flavour into our rugby range. Epic and unique colourways that wouldn’t be combined otherwise. These colours can be worn with pride within the rugby community as people will instantly recognise the colourways if you wish to wear them to the gym, in the house or at the stadiums or pubs to support your teams.

One key change we have made with our hoodies compared to our Lions inspired range is that we have removed all mentions of the nation name. We have done this so that if you do really love another nation’s outfit you can buy it and wear it without shouting that you’re a supporter of that nation.

We will also be offering a personalisation service which will allow you to add the name of the country across the back of the hoodie or any personalisation you want.

Click the link below and it will take you to the nations inspired range hub page. From here you can reserve your outfit for free. When the time comes to purchase you will be able to buy the items individually but if you do purchase all items from the bundle there will be a special discount for buying the bundle.

Comment below on your favourite outfit!



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