8 Assault Bike Workouts to Catapult Your Performance

Rugby fans and players across the world love this beautiful sport because of its technical complexity. However, there’s no denying the importance of being physically prepared for each and every single game.

And the best way to stay in rugby shape is to find the most effective workout that tests your limits without risking an injury.

Because the sport works all your major muscle groups, rugby players often try to find machines that can help them exercise different parts of their body simultaneously.

This is where assault bikes come in. Although these machines are hardly new inventions, assault bikes are making a huge comeback thanks to the intense workouts that athletes can carry out on them.

What are Assault Bikes?

Chances are, you’ve already seen an assault bike down at your local gym. They look exactly like stationary bikes, but they feature an oversized fan instead of a front wheel.

But don’t be fooled by the appearance. As soon as you try out an assault bike, you’ll realize that you have to pedal while pushing and pulling the handles at the same time. This allows you to work out your entire body with one single machine, burning up to 80 calories per minute.

And here’s what most athletes consider the machine’s best attribute of all;

The harder or faster you go, the harder it gets!

The benefits of Assault Bike workouts

Assault bikes are relatively simple devices, but you can use them for anything from a mild to an ultra-intense workout. It all depends on the person sitting on it.

Just to put it in perspective – the female world record holder for most burpees in one hour used an assault bike as a critical part of her training before her record-breaking run in May of this year.

(And, for those of you wondering how many burpees she managed to rack up in 60 minutes, it was a stunning 1490!)

Here are some of the benefits of using an assault bike for your own rugby training regime.

Improves aerobic conditioning

Aerobic workouts result in improved endurance, which is also one of the cornerstones of high-level rugby. The continuous, rhythmic movement strengthens your heart and lungs, delivering more oxygen to your muscles while exercising.

Provides a full-body workout

The pedalling, pushing, and pulling motions works nearly all of the large muscle groups in your body. And, unlike most other machines in the gym, assault bikes are low-impact, so you can feel confident in using them with reduced risks of hip, knee, and ankle pain.

Burns calories at a fast pace

As we mentioned before, assault bikes can burn up to 80 calories per minute. Keep in mind that this will depend vastly on the intensity with which you work out. Athletes using this machine for the first time should strive to find the right pace or they may find themselves out of breath very quickly!

Tests your mental stamina

Many athletes have the right physicality but lack the mental strength to perform on the pitch. Assault bike workouts are designed to push yourself while minimizing injury risk, which helps build your mental stamina come game time.

Awesome for rehabilitating players

Injuries can have both physical and mental repercussions. Working out on an assault bike will minimize your chances of re-injury and help you build the mental toughness you need to get back out there.

Keeps your workout area cool

While it may sound amusing, the huge fan that provides resistance also creates a nice draft, keeping your workout area cooler than usual.

8 powerful Assault Bike workouts to boost your performance

Check out these awesome assault bike workouts that help improve your performance on the rugby pitch.

Workout #1 – Max Cal Burner – 21 Mins

This is a  tough, all-around aerobic session.

1min On : 2min Off

Aim for max calories each minute.

x 7

Workout #2 – Assault Bike Tabata

Tabata workouts are always an awesome choice, especially as most assault bikes already have it pre-programmed.

20s Work: 10s Rest

x 8

Workout #3 – Pyramid Intervals

In this workout, you’ll build up to a 50-second sprint and gradually work down. Very easy and effective!

Minute 1: 10 sec sprint, 50 seconds rest assault-bike

Minute 2: 20 sec sprint, 40 seconds rest

Minute 3: 30 sec sprint, 30 seconds rest

Minutes 4: 40 sec sprint, 20 seconds rest

Minute 5: 50 sec sprint, 10 seconds rest

Minute 6: 40 sec sprint, 20 seconds rest

Minute 7: 30 sec sprint, 30 seconds rest

Minute 8: 20 sec sprint, 40 seconds rest

Minute 9: 10 sec sprint, 50 seconds rest

Workout #4 – Death By Assault Bike

Once you’ve tried it, you’ll understand the name.

Every minute on the minute Assault Bike

Minute 1: 2 calories

Minute 2: 4 calories

Minute 3: 6 calories

Continue until you can’t reach your goal for calories in a minute.

Workout #5 – Cals and DTs

Combining assault bikes and weights can also improve your workouts significantly.

15 cals on the bike

1 unbroken round of DT

X 5

Workout #6 – Chase the Calories

This workout can range from mild to ultra-high intensity, especially if you start from 5 and work up.

For Time:

30-25-20-15-10-5 Calories

1:1 Work to Rest

Workout #7 – 10 Up Assault

This workout can be used as a nice warm-up, a finisher, or if you really put in the work, a solo routine.

10 calories assault bike

10 push-ups hand release

X 10

Workout #8 – HIIT Finisher – 6 Mins

An awesome addition to the end of every workout, designed for people who want to add an exercise and keep the same routine.

Minute 1: 55 sec Moderate 5 sec Sprint

Minute 2: 54s sec Moderate 6 sec Sprint

Minute 3: 53 sec Moderate 7 sec Sprint

Minute 4: 52 sec Moderate 8 sec Sprint

Minute 5: 51 sec  Moderate 9 sec Sprint

Minute 6: 50 sec Moderate 10 sec Sprint

And you’re done! Let us know how things go.

Get the Most Out of Your Rugby Workouts

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