Rugby Nutrition Tips: Post Match/Training

If training is the key to building a strong rugby player, then nutrition is the keychain. Knowing what to eat pre and post-training makes an enormous difference to your results and what you get out of training. However, it’s rare to see athletes who have a proper knowledge of nutrition and understand the basic science […]

The Changing Face of Rugby (Infographic)

Rugby has rapidly evolved over the last 20 years. It doesn’t take much to notice the massive difference in the game today. Players are on average 2 stone heavier and 3 inches taller. The defense is far more structured. Tackles are harder. Penalties are kicked from the teams own half. Injuries are up by an […]

The Rugby Diet: Student Edition

Joining your University rugby team could be the biggest decision you make as an aspiring rugby star. Firstly, developing as a rugby player at University can be extremely difficult. The flat parties, nights out, late night pizzas and dominoes 2 for 1 offers bombarding your letter box, it’s a tough task. Sacrifices must be made […]

The Rugby Recovery Protocol

Introduction You will come across many articles and videos explaining how to get bigger, faster and stronger but a small percentage will incorporate an adequate recovery program to help maximise growth and recovery. Recovery isn’t simply a cool down after a session followed by a protein shake. It goes far beyond that and there are […]

Rugby Game Day Nutrition 101

There is no secret diet or techniques to prepare you for a match. Keep it simple and listen to your body. NIGHT BEFORE Many players and coaches advocate a large carb load the night before or even two days before  a match. Carb loading can cause players to feel lethargic and tired. Carb loading should […]

Building Elite Rugby Players – It All Starts With Diet

The Changing Face of Rugby & Rugby Nutrition When you look at the modern game there is more and more emphasis based on the size of players in Rugby. Tom Fordyce looked up the stats and found that in the last 50 years the average weight of English international rugby players has gone up by […]

RugbyWarfare’s Rugby Supplements Guide! V2

Rugby Supplements This “Rugby Supplements” guide can be applied to any physical sport you participate in with slight tweaks if needed. So, supplements for rugby…. where do you start? You walk into a store and you’re confronted with 100s of different type of supplements that have similar claims to the following : Get shredded in […]

What are BCAAs and how will they help you as a rugby player?

Branch Chained Amino Acid ( BCAA ) supplementation has started  to become staples in many athletes supplement stacks. Why? More and more studies are being done and showing the effectiveness that BCAAs have. What Exactly Are BCAAs? BCAAs are the building blocks of the body. They make up roughly 35-40% of your muscle mass and […]

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