Rugby Supplements: Should You Consume A Pre-Workout Before Rugby Matches?


This will be a short article on pre-workout/Rugby supplements before rugby matches.


Pre-workout supplements have exploded onto the market in recent years and many now tend to live by them, they cannot train without. So, will consuming a pre-workout that will help endurance in the gym, increase intensity and help with muscle tearing pumps help on the rugby field?

The short answer is no, and this is why. Many pre-workouts on the market are stimulant based, which means the ingredients in them will effect the central nervous system (CNS) which in turn makes you jittery but also give you a boost of energy and help mental alertness.

Boost of energy and mental alertness, surely that is good? Yes, it is beneficial in the weight room but a rugby game/football game/ tennis game etc are very very different.

Stimulant-based pre-workouts increase heart rate ( do not want before a match ), cause lightheadedness and nausea in people who try high-intensity cardio after taking the stimulant and also cause crashes in people, which means you will literally want to fall asleep after the effects ware off.

What can you take instead?

So, what can you take pre-match to help with endurance and mental alertness etc? There is many supplements out there that are very beneficial. First of all is the popular creatine, the cells must be saturated first of all for creatine to have an effect so be sure to load creatine for a week or so to have its full benefits. Creatine Article. Creatine will help ATP production which is needed in rugby matches for them short bursts of power in the ruck area, scrummaging, ball carrying and big hits.

Another beneficial ingredient is beta-alanine. Beta Alanine Article. Beta-Alanine has been proven to help increase endurance in the 7-15 rep range and also in sprinting. Basically, beta alanine helps with the longer bursts of energy needed which is very ideal in rugby. Again, Beta Alanine must be used a week or two before seeing its full benefits.

BCAAs are also very important to note. BCAAs have been proven to delay fatigue ( GREAT! ), help with recovery and help with mental alertness. This is a dream for a rugby player! Supplementing with BCAAs before/during/after games can help increase performance, help recovery and also help lean muscle gains! This is a must so far along with creatine and beta alanine. An article written by Dr. Layne Norton explains everything about the positive effects of BCAAs. Click Here To Read

Citrulline malate on several occasions has been proven to help fight fatigue, help lean mass gains and also been proven to have some cardiac benefits. Many supplements such as BCAAs etc include citrulline malate, it is another must to be added into our pre-match list.

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