Rugby Physiques: The Top 10

Rugby players have near enough doubled in size over the last 30 years. The demand for bigger, faster and stronger players is evident in squad and academy choices. Rugby players as young as 15-16 are pushed into the gym to add size. Is this a problem? That’s a totally different article. Nevertheless, rugby players have impressive physiques, REALLY impressive. Not only are rugby players big but in general but they are lean. This takes a lot of hard work and especially a focus on rugby training and rugby fitness sessions.

10) Sebastien Chabal

rugby physique - chabal

Chabal is known for his brute cavemanesque strength. He also owns an impressive frame packing on plenty of lean body mass. He definitely deserves to be on this list!

9) Eben Etzebeth

rugby physique - eben

Eben Etzebeth is not only muscular but he is a 6ft 8” tall unit! Eben is super strong and the size he has packed onto that huge frame is impressive. It’s not an easy task to add muscle to a 6ft 8” body. The taller the person the harder it seems to be to build thick dense muscle. Check out our article on Eben Etzebeth Arms.

8) George North

rugby physique - George North

At 22 years old George North has become one of rugby’s biggest stars. North stands at 6ft 4” with an extremely lean and explosive physique. He’s known for his power, speed and strength and always impacts a game one way or another.

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7) David Pocock

rugby physique - Pocock

Pocock has some serious set of guns. Pocock has had a very successful career and is considered one of the best in the world at his position. The Aussie isn’t the leanest on the list but looks extremely athletic with his muscular build.

6) Leigh Halfpenny

rugby physique - leigh halpenny

Leigh Halfpenny isn’t the biggest on the list, not by a long shot. Halfpenny has put on some serious size over the years and is a solid unit on the field. He has a great shape and very lean, women’s choice it seems!

5) James Haskell

rugby physique - James haskell

James Haskell is a machine! He is back on the English side and is playing well but has also built a great physique. Flankers are getting bigger and leaner in world rugby but Haskell takes it to the next level with plenty of size and ripped abs.

4) Jamie Cudmore

rugby physique - jamie cudmore

Jamie Cudmore turned to rugby to improve his life. It also improved his physique. His lean frame and wide clavicles give him a really impressive physique. He has built his physique from rugby, MMA, boxing and wrestling! Monster.

3) Pierre Spies

rugby physique - pierre spies

Pierre Spies is a South African Rugby Union player. He has insane lifting numbers but alongside that, he is shredded! He is obviously genetically gifted as he manages to pack on plenty of size and strength and remain at single digit body fat percentage.

2) Luke O’Donnell

rugby physique - Luke o'donnell

Luke O’Donnell plays for North Queensland Cowboys in the NRL. He is a professional rugby player and has an extremely impressive physique, this puts him in 2nd place!

1) Sonny Bill Williams

sonny bill williams boxing

Sonny Bill Williams. Genetics, hard work and multi-talented. He isn’t the biggest on the list but his frame and shape is world class. Sonny Bill would do well in a physique/bodybuilding show if he ever wanted to enter. He deserves two pictures on this list….

sonny bill williams

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