How Important Is Hydration For Rugby Matches?

While a lot of people are familiar with drinking something before a game and a lot of the time people will drink something special after a rugby match, drinking during it is all too often overlooked. This is a shame because it is by far the most important of the 3 listed here. It really is pretty difficult to exaggerate how important it is to stay properly hydrated during a rugby match. Even though you may not even think that you need to be drinking all that much, it is something that simply should never be overlooked. And to make matters worse, dehydration is by far one of the quickest ways to make yourself an ineffective player on the field.


Why Stay Hydrated?

So what exactly is so important about staying hydrated during a match? And is there anything specific that should be drank during a match to help make sure that you are fighting off any chance of dehydration? Fortunately those are both questions that can very easily be answered. As most people will be able to tell you, water is essential for your body for dozens of different things. It is a vital part of making sure that your body is well nourished and that is something that is critically important during a rugby match. Furthermore, when you are playing a match you are probably going to be sweating a lot, which means that your body will be losing a lot of its fluids. Drinking and staying hydrated will allow your body to continue to sweat which will allow you to stay much cooler during your game rather than what it would be like if you had no water.


What To Drink?

So what is the preferred drink of choice to stay hydrated during your rugby match? This could be purely down to preference, so one person’s choice is not necessarily going to be the same as the next person’s. Some people prefer to drink sports drinks like Powerade to help make sure that they get the hydration they need to stay effective on the field. It is certainly a popular drink and it is a great way to replenish electrolytes, but remember that it is not only going to be the more expensive option, but a lot of them are packed with sugar, which is not going to be something that will help you out on the field.

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If you want to keep it nice and simple, simply stick to plain old water. It may not be as tasty as water is to drink, but it gets the job done in the sense that it provides hydrations and nothing more. That, and it’s dirt cheap, which is hard to argue with. The consequences of not staying hydrated in the field when you are playing can be pretty scary, as some people have even died from severe heat exhaustion on particularly hot summer days. It is a risk that is not worth taking, so always make sure that you have a steady supply of your favorite sports drink to make sure you are all set.

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