How to Increase Grip Strength for Better Ball Control

There are a lot of different aspects to becoming an effective and useful player on the rugby field. Balancing strength on the field with the amount of endurance you have is something that all players have to worry about, although most don’t have a problem finding a good medium between the two. However, you are going to have a hard time becoming a useful player on the field if you can’t keep a good grip on the ball once you are in possession of it. Fortunately if you are one of the many with this problem, it is a problem that is easily fixed with the right cure, which is what we are going to be reviewing in this article on increasing your grip strength for better ball control.

Generally speaking, the strength of your grip can be broken down into two different groups of your muscles. For one, strong forearms are required to have a sure grip on the ball, but that is not the only part in making sure that you don’t lose possession of the ball once you get it. Ball security can also be attributed to the bicep, as a good rugby player should be able to steadfastly secure it close to their body, which will be done so with the bicep muscle. In fact, ball security is one of the common rebuttals to those that often say the bicep muscle has no real-world application or use.

So then, if you want to increase the amount of grip strength that you have on the ball, then it would be best to split your time between doing exercises that are specifically for your bicep strength, and then for your forearm strength. Forearms can be a difficult thing to do for some people, as it is more often than not a pretty stubborn muscle to train. However, there are grips that are specifically designed to help strengthen your forearm muscles, ones that are usually designed on requiring the user to squeeze something together. Progress may be a little bit slower than you would want when working with these exercises, but the point here is to be consist with what you are doing, so that a few weeks from now you will have forearms that are capable of much more strength and grip than before.

Of course as we have said earlier the forearm’s role in ball security is only a part of the equation. There is still the role of the bicep that is a part of making sure once you get a hold of the ball, you don’t let go of it. Bicep curls may sound like a good choice here because of them being one of the more popular bicep exercises, but instead consider using pullups. Pullups have been used for quite a while as an effective strength gainer for the arms, but it is also a compound lift just like the squat or deadlift, meaning that it is going to deliver results with far more efficacy than something like doing bicep curls over and over.

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