The All Blacks Mantra

With an all-time winning percentage of 77%, the All Blacks are considered one of the best sporting teams of all time⁣

With 1185 players putting on the jersey over the last 100+ years it’s crazy how the culture, performance, and win % has been consistent⁣

#1 Sweep The Sheds

Never be too big to do the small things that need to be done

#2 Go For The Gap

When you’re on the top of your game – change your game

#3 Play with Purpose

Ask, Why?

#4 Pass The Ball

Leaders create leaders

#5 Create a Learning Environment 

Leaders are teachers

#6 No Dickheads

Follow the spreadhead

#7 Embrace Expectations

Aim for the highest cloud. Embrace the fear of failure 

#8 Train to Win

Practice under pressure

#9 Keep a Blue Head

Control your attention

#10 Know Thyself

Keep it real

#11 Invent Your Own Langauge 

Sing your world into existence 

#12 Sacrifice 

Find something you would die for and give your life to it

#13 Ritualise To Actualise 

Create a culture 

#14 Be a Good Ancestor 

Plant trees you know you’ll never see

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