RugbyWarfare Talks To Up & Coming Welsh Star Daniel Thomas

Name: Daniel Thomas

Age: 19

Weight: 98kg

Height: 185cm

Team: Scarlets

Position: no 7

When and how did you get started with rugby?

I started when I was 5 through family. Major part of my upbringing. All my brothers played too.

What keeps you motivated?

My future and the possibilities that are there for me.

What’s your training routine ( In the gym )

Gym 4 days a week

Monday: Activation/Pump workout for upper body. Lighter weights but feeling the contraction and practicing good form.

Tuesday: Heavy Lower body. Max out on lifts for power.

Wednesday: Day off or light work

Thursday: Heavy upper body.

Friday: Activation/pump workout for lower body. Again concentrating on form and contraction.

If you had to choose one exercise per body part what would they be and why?

Biceps and Triceps: EX bar curl and press.

Shoulders: Straight bar shoulder press which would help me with line out lifting

Back: Prone Row because it isolates the correct muscles and I can’t cheat so it is all back muscle.

Legs: Leg press and Keiser squats. Keiser squats because I feel it’s better for my knees and more explosive speed.

What’s your diet like?

My diet was poor, I would eat average foods and not the best for me. The last few weeks since getting back into pre-season have been much better diet wise. I have been cutting out most unhealthy foods and not having as much snacks. I am quite open to have any food when I go out for meals though, I believe in balance, you got to enjoy it.

Meal 1: Oats, toast and yogurt

Meal 2: 2 chicken breasts brown rice

Meal 3: Oats

Post-workout: Phase 2 supplement

Meal 4: Spaghetti bolognese

Do you use supplements? If so, what?

I only take PAS phase 2 for carbs and protein and a pint of milk a few times a day

Favorite Supplement?

Not a big fan of taking supplement to be honest. I don’t really have a supplement stack I get most of what I need from food. I prefer milk over any supplement as it’s natural and tastes nicer.


daniel thomas scarlets


Whats your pre-match music?

Dance music and quite chilled out reggae

What’s your prep like before a game? ( food, hydration, music, team talk )

Well depending on KO times but for afternoons I only have oats and toast for breakfast and some pasta before leaving. I only drink water before getting to the grounds but then just before kick off I have a red bull. For team talks I tend to stay quiet and keep to myself.

Favourite player?

Richie Mccaw

Michael hooper

Best moment in your rugby career?

World Cup U16s player of the tournament (Wales)

Most challenging match you have played in?

U18s match, Wales vs England

daniel thomas scarlets


Have you had any low points in your career so far? If so, how did you overcome them?

Last year I went through a injury patch which did slow my progress but I came back strong so everyone expected a lot from me in the junior world cup but I didn’t perform to my ability so I was disappointed and was a failure but then I channel everything to prove everyone who doubted me wrong after the world cup.

Any tips or advice for people looking to better themselves at rugby and go to the next level?

Give yourself reachable goals and every time you reach one of them goals you reward yourself. You have to stay committed there is no point being half hearted if you want to reach that goal you must give it 100%. Every time you come across and opponent or your opposite number then you have to be better than them and once you believe you are then you must think who’s next. Progression is key.

Follow Dan on Twitter: @Daniel_Thomas93

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