Brand Ambassadors


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Here’s your chance to become a Rugby Warfare Brand Ambassador!

Unlike most other programs that just give you a discount code to promote, we will also provide you with free products every month!

We want you to be the first to get your hands on our new products and give your honest review. We will be sending out our latest additions to the range immediately to your door step!

Our aim is to build a small group of laser targetted brand ambassadors. You must represent what we represent.

Our focus in on creating a brand that educates you on rugby training and nutrition and a brand that provides you with the best quality rugby lifestyle clothing that can be worn in and out of the gym. We are also developing our own range of drug-tested supplements for rugby players and performance athletes. With this, we will be offering the entire package. Performance through education, Clothing that can help you reach your goals inside the gym and represent what you are outside of the gym and a range of safe supplements backed by evidence-based research to help you reach your goals.

We want you to be proud of being part of the rugby family. Unlike the standard gym goers today, we do not represent the vanity, show boating in the gym mirrors and being more focused on likes on social media as opposed to progressing both in the gym, outside the gym and mentally.

The chosen ambassadors will have to stand what we stand for. We stand for Performance, Humility, Respect and Athleticism. This is the essence of the rugby or “performance lifestyle”.

You’ll also get access to discounts from brands we work closely with, these are exclusive discounts that only you will have access to.

These brands include:

HeyFood – A Premium Meal Prep company that use locally sourced produce from Wales.

Kaged Muscle – High-quality supplementation from somebody that’s been an expert in the industry for over a decade

Team Roar Fitness – Exclusive access to training and nutrition plans by Ryan Libbey

Cardiff Sports Nutrition – One of the UK’s leading sports nutrition retailers.

If you think you got what it takes, email with why you think you’ll make a great fit as a Rugby Warfare ambassador with links to your social media profiles.

For all support queries please email