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Love the Rugby Warfare training plan. Even though we get our own plan through the clubs I’ve done several weeks on the program in the past and found it very effective. Definitely worth a shot for anyone looking to improve their on-field performance. The clothing range is also top class.
Superb clothing range. Been training and chillin’ in Rugby Warfare’s clothing for just over a year. Always new and unique designs coming out. Loving the innovation and variety.

The Rugby Warfare
Clothing Brand

The clothing brand was born in 2015.

The brand mission from the start has been to add quality and innovative designs to the rugby clothing market.

We felt that brands brought out the same old t-shirts, joggers, and hoodies for years. No innovation due to no competition and a “this is how we have always done it” mentality.

We pride ourselves on always pushing the barrier. We launched with less than 5 products and now we have over 70 on the store.

You won’t find our designs anywhere else and we are always testing and improving the fabrics we use. You’ll be able to tell the superiority of our products compared to the market instantly.

We have a mix of loud rugby designs along with subtle non-rugby branded designs that can be worn in and out of the gym.

As a very small team (less than 5 people) we feel the need to connect with our customers directly. You’ll notice we take customer feedback on board all the time and tweak our products to what you, the customer likes.

The goal is to emulate the rugby lifestyle through this brand. You don’t have to be a rugby player to join us. Rugby values can be taken on by all.

Respect, professionalism, performance, athleticism, and power represent rugby and we should wear that badge with pride as a rugby community.

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