Optimum Nutrition Platinum PRE has been on the market for over a year now (In the UK) which means plenty of time to asses this popular pre-workout by one of the supplement giants; ON.

To be brutally honest PRE is nothing compared to Craze or Jack3d or even MusclePharm assault, which we can argue is a closer like-for-like product. PRE didn’t add anything to performance even with its great ingredient profile. Detail won’t be shed here on the full ingredient profile but when you do take a look at it, it’s quite an impressive mix of research backed ingredients. My overall impression is that it must be under strengthed as 2 scoops did nothing. Additionally, the taste was below average. It’s industry known that pre-workouts are notorious for their sweet/sour taste and for generally being revoluting. I know some of you “Bros” will say that taste means nothing to you and that you would drink a fish flavoured drink if it meant gains, but guys, really? Taste is important and spending £30+ on a product I really do expect it to be atleast OK taste wise. PRE for me did nothing, tasted very bad and in the end a very dissapointing product that comes from such a great company.

I would recommend trying PRE as it doesn’t give any jitters, it may give some of you tingles as it contains beta alanine but don’t expect much from it. It certainly hasn’t revolutionised the pre-workout market which I really hoped ON would try to do as I’m a big fan of the company as a whole.