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Worried that you shouldn’t consume a pre-workout before a match? Read here for why you should!

Musclepharm is a great produce, hence the high score I have given it. It tastes amazing and goes down very well. Compare this to most pre-workouts which are sour and sweet and can take a while to fully consume to how disgusting they are! Spoken to many endurance athletes and they seem to like to consume Musclepharm assault through out their training/race as it is packed with great ingredients such as Creatine, BCAAs, Beta Alanine, Citruline Melate, L-Arginine and more. Musclepharm assault can be taken in 2 ways, either fully around 30-45 minutes before a session or game or through out, we recommend fully before to get the full benefits. Assault seems to be quite pricey but once you understand the ingredient profile, it is GREAT value for money. BCAA supplements alone are very expensive so for Musclepharm to offer an adequate dosage of BCAAs on top of the other great ingredients it really is worth every penny. Assault is also drug tested and you can be assured it is safe to consume as a competitive athlete. Overall this product is perfect for any athlete looking for increased endurance and mental focus along with BCAAs to aid recovery and muscle growth!