Back at it again… with a Monday.

This week is a Jim Rohn special. The guy is the father of personal development and has been the mentor to huge names like Tony Robbins!

Here’s our top 5 quotes by the man himself, enjoy!

Quote #1


Simple. We all have problems, aim to improve yourself and get BETTER problems. Better problems = better life.

Quote #2


You must aim to improve yourself in your own time. Read, practise, educate. Doing nothing outside of formal education usually leads to an average life.

Quote #3


Everyone sees the “overnight success”. There is no such thing. You work in the shadows, small steps daily. This ultimately leads to success. Don’t be fooled into thinking you will randomly come across one big moment that will grant you success, it comes from persistence over time.


Quote #4



Many people fall into “analysis paralysis.”. This simply means they look at everything that needs to be done to reach a goal and over-think the huge task ahead, this leads to inaction. Don’t think of everything you have to do, simply make a small change towards your goal each day. Over time your destination will be changed from mediocrity¬†to achievement.

Quote #5


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